[The Pea Family in Mt. Adams Country]

Clovers of Mt. Adams Country

The Genus Trifolium

Inflorescence of Alsike Clover: Trifolium hybridum

Alsike Clover: Trifolium hybridum

Golden Clover, Greater Hop Clover, Hop Clover, Yellow Clover: Trifolium aureum (Synonym: Trifolium agrarium) -

Bowl Clover, Cup Clover: Trifolium cyathiferum -

Least Hop Clover, Suckling Clover: Trifolium dubium -

Alsike Clover: Trifolium hybridum (Synonyms: Trifolium elegans, Trifolium hybridum ssp. elegans, Trifolium hybridum var. elegans, Trifolium hybridum var. pratense) -

Long-stalked Clover: Trifolium longipes var. longipes (Synonym: Trifolium longipes ssp. longipes) -

Bighead Clover, Big-head Clover, Large-head Clover: Trifolium macrocephalum (Synonyms: Lupinaster macrocephalus, Trifolium macrocephalum var. caeruleomontanum) -

Red Clover: Trifolium pratense (Synonyms: Trifolium pratense var. frigidum, Trifolium pratense var. sativum) -

Dutch Clover, White Clover: Trifolium repens -

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