[The Heath Family in Mt. Adams Country]

Bilberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, Grouseberries and Huckleberries of Mt. Adams Country

The Genus Vaccinium

Huckleberry: Vaccinium sp.

Unidentified huckleberry from Horseshoe Meadows near the Pacific Crest Trail at the southwest corner of Mt. Adams..........August 31, 1996. The slide was labeled Vaccinium membranaceum due to the serrate leaf margins but the tips to the blades appear to be tapered more abruptly.

Dwarf Bilberry, Dwarf Blueberry, Dwarf Huckleberry: Vaccinium cespitosum (Synonyms Vaccinium arbuscula, Vaccinium caespitosum, Vaccinium caespitosum var. arbuscula, Vaccinium caespitosum var. caespitosum, Vaccinium caespitosum var. paludicolia, Vaccinium cespitosum var. arbuscula, Vaccinium cespitosum var. cespitosum, Vaccinium cespitosum var. paludicola, Vaccinium nivictum) -

Blueleaf Huckleberry, Blue-leaved Huckleberry, Cascade Bilberry, Cascade Blueberry, Cascade Huckleberry, Rainier Blueberry: Vaccinium deliciosum -

Mountain Blueberry, Big Huckleberry, Thinleaf Huckleberry, Thin-leaved Huckleberry, Tall Huckleberry, Blue Huckleberry, Square-twig Blueberry: Vaccinium membranaceum (Synonyms: Vaccinium coccinium, Vaccinium globulare, Vaccinium membranaceum var. rigidum) -

Dwarf Whortleberry, Dwarf Bilberry, Dwarf Blueberry, Low Blueberry, Whortleberry: Vaccinium myrtillus var. oreophilum (Synonyms: Vaccinium myrtillus ssp. oreophilum, Vaccinium myrtillus var. oreophilum, Vaccinium oreophilum) -

Alaska Blueberry, Early Blueberry, Oval-leaf Blueberry, Oval-leaf Huckleberry: Vaccinium ovalifolium (Synonyms: Vaccinium alaskaense, Vaccinium alaskense) -

Small Cranberry, Swamp Cranberry, Wild Cranberry: Vaccinium oxycoccos (Synonyms: Oxycoccus hagerupii, Oxycoccus intermedius, Oxycoccus microcarpus, Oxycoccus oxycoccos, Oxycoccus oxycoccos, Vaccinium microcarpum, Vaccinium oxycoccos ssp. microphyllum, Vaccinium oxycoccos var. intermedium, Vaccinium oxycoccos var. microphyllum, Vaccinium oxycoccos var. ovalifolium) -

Red Huckleberry: Vaccinium parvifolium -

Dwarf Grouse-berry, Grouseberry, Grouse Whortleberry, Whortleberry: Vaccinium scoparium (Synonym: Oxycoccus palustris var. intermedium) -

Bog Blueberry, Bog Bilberry: Vaccinium uliginosum (Synonyms: Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. alpinum, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. gaultherioides, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. microphyllum, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. occidentale, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. pedris, Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. pubescens, Vaccinium uliginosum var. alpinum, Vaccinium uliginosum var. salicinum) -

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