[Wildflowers with 3 Petals in Mt. Adams Country]

The Lily Family in Mt. Adams Country


This family has recently been split into the families listed below.

The photo of the wood lily (Trillium ovatum) shown directly above was taken along Rd 82 at an elevation of about 2870' on Mt. Adams on May 7, 2005.

The photo at right shows a close-up of the inflorescence of tofieldia as seen near 5900' along the Highline Trail #114 in moist meadows just below (northwest of) Foggy Flats on the northern slopes of Mt. Adams.........July 11, 2005.

Amaryllis Family: Amaryllidaceae

Onions of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Allium -

Asparagus Family: Asparagaceae

Harvest Brodiaea, Crown Brodiaea, Bluedick Brodiaea: Brodiaea coronaria (Synonyms: Brodiaea coronaria ssp. coronaria, Brodiaea synandra) -

Camas of Mt. Adams Country: Camassia quamash subspecies -

Ball-headed Cluster Lily, Cluster Lily, Northern Saitas, Ookow:: Dichelostemma congestum (Synonyms: Brodiaea congesta, Hookera congesta) -

The False Solomon's Seals of Mt. Adams: The Genus Maianthemum (formerly the Genus Smilacina) -

Cluster Lilies of Mt. Adams: The Genus Triteleia (formerly Brodiaea) -

Lily Family: Liliaceae

Mariposa Lilies of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Calochortus -

Bead Lily, Bride's Bonnet, Queen's Cup: Clintonia uniflora (Synonyms: Smilacina borealis var. uniflora, Smilacina uniflora) -

The Fawn Lilies of Mt. Adams: The Genus Erythronium -

The Fritillaria of Mt. Adams: The Genus Fritillaria -

Columbia Lily, Columbian Lily, Oregon Lily: Lilium columbianum (Synonyms: Lilium canadense var. parviflorum, Lilium lucidum, Lilium parviflorum) -

Hooker's Fairybells, Hooker's Fairy Bells, Hooker's Fairy-bell, Oregon Fairybells: Prosartes hookeri (Synonyms: Disporum hookeri, Disporum hookeri var. hookeri, Disporum hookeri var. oreganum, Disporum hookeri var. parviflorum, Disporum hookeri var. trachyandrum, Disporum oreganum, Disporum parvifolium, Disporum trachyandrum, Prosartes hookeri var. oregana) -

The Twisted Stalks of Mt. Adams: The Genus Streptopus -

False-Hellebore Family: Melanthiaceae

Bronze Bells, Mission Bells, Western Featherbells, Western Stenanthium: Anticlea occidentale (Synonyms: Stenanthium occidentale, Stenanthium rhombipetalum) -

The Death Camas of Mt. Adams: The Genus Toxicoscordion (formerly the Genus Zigadenus) -

Pacific Trillium, Western Wake-robin, Western Trillium: Trillium ovatum ssp. ovatum (Synonym: Trillium ovatum var. ovatum) -

False Hellebores of Mt. Adams: The Genus Veratrum -

Bear Grass, Common Beargrass, Western Turkeybeard: Xerophyllum tenax (Synonyms: Helonias tenax, Xerophyllum douglasii) -

False Asphodel Family: Tofieldiaceae

Sticky Asphodel, Sticky Tofieldia, Tofieldia: Triantha occidentalis ssp. brevistyla (Synonyms: Tofieldia glutinosa ssp. absona, Tofieldia glutinosa ssp. brevistyla, Tofieldia glutinosa var. absona, Tofieldia glutinosa var. brevistyla, Tofieldia glutinosa var. intermedia) -

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