[Pacific Northwest Arthropods]

Pacific Northwest Insects

Insects are characterized by 3 pairs of jointed legs and body divided into 3 major segments. Frequently one may see one pair of antennae on the head and many possess wings. Insects are terrestrial and aerial. Only a handful may be found living by choice in marine habitats.
I would appreciate any help I can get on the identification, both common and scientific names of the following insects! I am trying to help my students understand that arthropods are animals, and that there are many in the world around them, and that they have many useful roles to play in the ecosystem.
Examples of insect groups found in the Pacific Northwest include:

Bee-like Insects:




Dragonfly-like Insects:


Aquatic Insects: Other insects that may be found living on or under the surface of the water at some stage of their life.

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