[Sophomore Biology at GHS: Energy and Cells]
Energy & Chemical Reactions In Cells

Read Pages 201-203

Do Problems 1-4 on page 203 (Bonus: #5)

Cells need energy to:

1. Grow

2. Repair themselves

3. Reproduce

4. Move (or move things in and out of the cell) & change shape

5. Metabolism (Breaking down bigger molecules into smaller molecules, and getting energy from these molecules)

Without energy, a cell dies.

ATP -------- (Adenosine TriPhosphate) Short term energy storage molecule. All cell processes are powered by ATP. Our food energy must always be converted to ATP energy for use by the cell!

The diagram above shows ADP (adenosine diphosphate) gaining energy as glucose "burns" so that an extra P (phosphate) can be added to make energy rich ATP. The ATP is then ready to give its energy to the cell when needed!

Autotroph: Organisms that make their own food (green plants).

Heterotroph: Organisms that must energy from the food they eat (Can't make own food!)

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