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External Structure of the Root of a Typical Dicotyledonous Plant


Function of Roots:

a. Anchors plant in ground.

b. Absorbs water & minerals.

c. Storage of food made by leaves.

Root Hairs: Outward extensions of epicermal cells which extend between soil particles to collect water and solutes (minerals).

Region of Maturation: Older section of root tip where the root begins adding cells to increase the width, and where root hairs form.

Region of Elongation: Region of root tip where cells get longer, thus lengthening the root. This is the only place where the root grows longer.

Region of Rapid Growth: Region where cells divide rapidly by mitosis.

Apical Meristem: Cells near the tip that can divide by mitosis to make any type of plant cell.

Root Cap: Dome-shaped mass of cells at the tip which protect the meristem cells from damage (as root extends through soil).

[Internal Features of the Stem]

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