[Writing an Inquiry]

Planning a


The title is most likely your question written as a statement.


Background Info/ Introduction:

(a) Provides background information relevant to the study as a whole, supported by reference to the previous work of others.

(b) Explains specialized terminology.

(c) Diagrams help illustrate key concepts.

[Example of Background Information]


(c) Clearly states the research question.



(d) Proposes a hypothesis directly related to the research question.

If _________(IV) is _________(describe change), then the _________(DV) will _________(describe effect).

(e) The hypothesis provides a logical rationale for why the hypothesis might work (EXPLAIN the reasoning behind your hypothesis! Can be used in conjunction with the background info.).

(f) Gives the reader a clear idea as to why the study was carried out and what it aimed to study.

[Examples of the Hypothesis]



(g) The controlled and experimental variables are clearly identified. If applicable, positive & negative control setups are identified. Other potential variables which might affect the outcome are listed (and explained).

[Examples of Stated Variables]