[Writing an Inquiry]

Using Diagrams

Diagrams may be used when writing inquiries for the following reasons:

a) To illustrate concepts as part of background information when writing for planning a (See Example below).

b) To illustrate how a procedure might be performed during writing of planning b (See Example below).

c) As part of data collected or modified with labels, titles, and measurements as part of data presentation.


The following are general rules that should be applied to all diagrams:

a) Do not use diagrams that have no direct relationship to your investigation.

b) Do not throw a bunch of diagrams in an inquiry without use of titles and labels, and more importantly, without describing them in your written message.

c) All diagrams need a title, and where appropriate, any labels.

d) All diagrams should be placed close to where they are described in the text.

e) Diagrams can be neatly hand drawn in dark pencil or ink and should be large enough to be easily interpreted, or they can be designed using a draw or paint program.

f) Acknowledgement should be given to diagrams taken from websites, etc...

Example #1:

The diagram above helps the reader understand how a procedure should be performed. It includes a title, and enough labels to allow the reader to perform the same task.

Example #2:

This diagram helps illustrate how enzymes work as part of background information for planning a. A title is provided, the diagram is simple, clear and labeled for ease of understanding. A short explanation of what is occurring is provided.