[IB Biology SL : Genetics]

Review for Genetics Exam (1st Year- SL)


Online Reviews:

[1st Meiosis Review] ------ [2nd Meiosis Review] ------

[Genetics Review #1] - Punnett Squares, Complete Dominance, Codominance

[Genetics Review #2] - Codominance, Blood Typing

[Genetic Review #3] - Sex-linked Traits & Pedigrees

[Genetics Review #4] - General Review of Many Genetics Topics

[Genetics Review #5] - A 2nd General Review of Genetics Topics

[Biotechnology Review #1]

[Biotechnology Review #2]


Biotechnology Topics


Comparison of Mitosis & Meiosis

Mendel's Law of Segregation

Introduction to Genetics


Blood Typing

Determination of Sex

Sex-linked Traits


Genetic Screening


Pages to Review in Book:

Meiosis- pp. 228, 23-231, 236-38

Genetics- pp. 248, 250 & 251, 255, 257, 262-265, 270-271

Online Animations of Meisosis:

Meiosis Animation: CSU Chico

Animal Cell Meiosis: Cell's Alive

** Meiosis versus Mitosis: NOVA

Independent Assortment: CSU Chico

Recombination: CSU Chico

Review CD-ROM Disk #1

a. Genetics

Meiosis (You don't need to know about recombination at this time)

b. Classical Genetics


Monohybrid Cross

Beyond Mendel

(Disregard Dihybrid Cross at this time)

c. Chromosomes


Sex Chromosomes

Abnormal Chromosomes

Online Reviews (Sorry, but these do not cover all topics we have covered at this time!)

[Meiosis Review] ------ [Review #1] ------ [Review #2]

Vocabulary to know:

1. Karyotype

2. Amniocentesis

3. Gene

4. Allele

5. Genome

6. Gene mutation

7. Sickle Cell Anemia (example of a mutation) (pg 268, 296, 406-407) DNA code GAG mutates to GTG, causing glutamic acid to be replaced by valine.

9. Meiosis

10. Difference between Haploid & Diploid Cells

11. Sister chromatids

12. Homologous chromosomes

13. Explain how movement of chromosomes during meiosis gives rise to genetic variety.

14.Explain how non-disjunction leads to changes in chromosome number.

15. Example of non-disjunction (Down's Syndrome)

16. Mendel's Law of Segregation

17. Explain relationship between Mendel's Law of Segregation & Meiosis

18. Genotype

19. Phenotype

20. Dominant allele

21. Recessive allele

22. Codominant allele

23. Locus

24. Homozygous

25. Heterozygous

26. Carrier/ Hybrid

27. Test Cross

28. Punnett Grid/ Punnett Square

29. Pedigree

30. State that some genes have more than 2 alleles (multiple alleles) for the same trait.

31. Describe ABO blood groups (example of codominance & multiple alleles)

32. Outline how sex chromosomes determine gender

33. Sex linked traits

34. List 2 examples of sex linkage

35. Environmental effects on phenotype (pg 255)

36. Electrophoresis

37. DNA Profile

38. Restriction Enzyme

39. Polymerase Chain Reaction

40. Cloning of Sheep (How to...)

41. Ethics of Cloning Humans

42. Gene Cloning

43. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

44. Ethics of genetically modifying organisms

45. Human Genome Project

46. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

47. Ethics of IVF

48. Family Planning and Contraception

49. Ethics of family planning and contraception

50. Stem Cells

51. Ethics of stem cells