[IB Ecology Unit]

Inquiry: How Water Temperature Affects the Dissolved Oxygen Content


Planning A

a) Background info

Also see the following links!

1. Why are oxygen & temperature both important?

2. What is DO and how is it affected (possible variables).

3. How does temperature affect DO?

4. What are biological influences on DO?

5. Other relevant info.

b) Question : Write out a specific, clear question.

c) Hypothesis: State what will happen & explain why.

d) Variables:

1. Independent var.

2. Dependent var.

3. Variables to keep constant (See handouts.)


Planning B

a) List all materials used. The use of each should be mentioned in your procedure.

b) Step by step method used.

c) Give an overview of the oxygen procedure, but every step is not required.


Data Collection

a) Data Table of all raw data (including any outliers later discarded).


Data Presentation

a) Data Table (either separate or included above) of any manipulated data.

b) Graph - should easily show final results. (Include the Title: The Effect of __IV__ on the __DV__., column labels and all units.)

If you are familiar with MS Excel, you might calculate the correlation coefficient (degree to which 2 paired data sets are related to each other). The closer to -1 or +1, the greater the correlation. If less than -.5 or +.5, the less significant the correlation.

Conclusion & Evaluation

1. State general results or trends.

2. State examples of specific results.

3. Compare results to hypothesis.

4. Explain results.

5. List potential to known problems with experiment. Specify problems rather than stating human error, mechanical error, etc!

6. List specific ways to improve problems in experimental design. Given sufficient time and materials, how could the design be improved!