[The Rose Family West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Blackberries, Brambles and Raspberries West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Rubus

Dwarf Bramble, Roughfruit Berry: Rubus lasiococcus

Dwarf Bramble: Rubus lasiococcus

Himalayan Blackberry: Rubus bifrons (Synonyms: Rubus armeniacus, Rubus discolor, Rubus procerus) - Invasive shrub to 9 feet high. White flowers with 5 round petals. Leaves compound palmate with 3 to 5 oval, toothed leaflets. Stems with large prickles.

Cutleaf Blackberry, Cut-leaved Blackberry, Evergreen Blackberry: Rubus laciniatus (Synonym: Rubus vulgaris var. laciniatus) - Stout, arching shrub from 1-1.5 meters high. The dark red-brown stems are fluted or angled with strong, hooked prickles. The leaves are evergreen, palmately compound with 5 leaflets which are deeply, jaggedly dissected. Flowers with 5 white petals, spatulate in shape, sometimes lobed at the tips, and 10-15 mm long.

Dwarf Bramble, Roughfruit Berry: Rubus lasiococcus - A trailing plant only several cm high. The leaves are usually trifoliate with deep, noticeable venation. The flowers are white with numerous stamens and up to 2 cm across.

Blackcap, Western Blackcap, Western Black Raspberry, Whitebark Raspberry: Rubus leucodermis var. leucodermis - Shrub with ascending and arching branches, armed with short, stiff, straight or slightly recurved prickles. Leaves wit 3-5 leaflets that taper to a point and have a rounded or cordate base. Flowers few in terminal corymbs with 5 shorter, white petals.

Snow Dewberry, Dwarf Snow Bramble: Rubus nivalis -

Thimbleberry: Rubus parviflorus (Synonym: Rubus parviflorus var. parviflorus) - Shrub to 6 feet high. White or pastel pink flowers with 5 wide, wavy petals. Leaves large, simple but palmately veined. Leaves soft and "cushiony" to touch, hence the name of nature's TP!

Five-leaf Bramble, Five-leaved Dwarf Bramble, Strawberry Bramble, Strawberry Dwarf Bramble, Strawberryleaf Raspberry: Rubus pedatus - A low, perennial herb that spreads by stolons or runners to form dense mats. Leaves basal, palmately compound with 5 irregularly toothed leaflets. Flowers white, solitary on 2-6 cm stems. Petals each about 10-12 mm long.

Salmonberry: Rubus spectabilis (Synonym: Rubus spectabilis var. spectabilis) - Shrub to 7 feet high. Stems lightly stickery and of a chestnut brown hue. Flowers bright red, 5 petals . Leaves compound, with 3 toothed leaflets.

North American Red Raspberry, American Red Raspberry: Rubus strigosus (Synonyms: Rubus idaeus, Rubus idaeus var. gracilipes, Rubus idaeus ssp. sachalinensis, Rubus idaeus ssp. strigosus, Rubus melanolasius) -

Elmleaf Blackberry: Rubus ulmifolius var. inermis -

Dewberry, Trailing Blackberry, California Blackberry: Rubus ursinus (Synonyms: Rubus macropetalus, Rubus ursinus var. macropetalous, Rubus ursinus ssp. macropetalus, Rubus ursinus ssp. ursinus, Rubus ursinus var. ursinus, Rubus vitifolius) - Trailing shrub or vine usually on the ground, but may climb stumps, rock walls, or fences. White flowers with 5 thin (airplane propeller shaped) petals with space between them. Prickly vine with compound leaves (3 leaflets).

European Blackberry: Rubus vestitus -

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