[The Pink Family West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Campions and Catchflys West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Silene

Flower of Douglas' Silene, Douglas' Campion, Douglas' Catchfly : Silene douglasii var. douglasii (Synonym: Silene douglasii var. monantha)

Douglas' catchfly: Silene douglasii var. douglasii

Moss Campion: Silene acaulis (Synonyms: Cucubalus acaulis, Silene acaulis ssp. exscapa, Silene acaulis var. exscapa, Silene acaulis var. subacaulescens, Silene exscapa, Xamilensis acaulis) -

Sleepy Catchfly, Sleepy Silene: Silene antirrhina -

Sweet William Catchfly, Sweet William Catchfly: Silene armeria - ??????

Mountain Catchfly, Palmer's Catchfly: Silene bernardina (Synonyms: Silene bernardina ssp. bernardina, Silene bernardina var. maguirei, Silene bernardina var. rigidula, Silene bernardina var. sierrae, Silene montana, Sierra shockleyi) -
Silene shockleyi -

Bolander's Catchfly: Silene bolanderi (Synonym: Silene hookeri ssp. bolanderi) -

Bridges' Catchfly: Silene bridgesii -

Bell Catchfly, Red Mountain Catchfly: Silene campanulata ssp. glandulosa (Synonym: Silene campanulata ssp. greenei, Silene campanulata var. greeneiĀ ) -

Rose Campion, Mullein Pink: Silene coronaria (Synonym: Lychnis coronaria) -

Forked Catchfly: Silene dichotoma (Synonym: Silene dichotoma ssp. dichotoma) -

Red Campion: Silene dioica (Synonym: Lychnis dioica) -

Douglas' Campion, Douglas' Catchfly, Douglas' Silene: Silene douglasii var. douglasii (Synonym: Silene douglasii var. monantha) -

Cascade Head Catchfly, Sea Bluff Campion, Seabluff Catchfly: Silene douglasii var. oraria (Synonym: Silene oraria) -

Common Catchfly, French Silene, Small-flowered Catchfly, Windmill Pink, Windmill-pink: Silene gallica -

Gray's Campion, Gray's Catchfly: Silene grayi -

Hooker's Pink, Hooker's Indian-pink, Dusty Pink: Silene hookeri ssp. hookeri (Synonyms: Silene hookeri ssp. pulverulenta, Silene pulverulenta) -

Serpentine Indian Pink: Silene hookeri ssp. serpentinicola (Synonym: Silene serpentinicola) -

Bladder Campion, Evening Campion, White Campion: Silene latifolia (Synonyms: Lychnis alba, Silene alba, Silene latifolia ssp. alba, Silene pratensis) -

Darting Campion, Lemmon's Campion, Lemmon's Catchfly: Silene lemmonii -

Menzies' Campion, Menzie's Catchfly, Menzies' Silene: Silene menziesii (Synonyms: Silene menziesii var. menziesii, Silene menziesii var. viscosa) -

Night-flowering Catchfly, Night-flowering Silene: Silene noctiflora (Synonym: Melandrium noctiflorum) -

Sticky Catchfly, Western Fringed Catchfly: Silene nuda (Synonym: Silene scposa var. lobata)

Parry's Catchfly, Parry's Silene: Silene parryi (Synonyms: Silene douglasii var. macounii, Silene macounii) -

Nodding Catchfly: Silene pendula -

Robinson's Catchfly: Silene scaposa (Synonym: Silene scaposa var. scaposa) -

Robust Campion: Silene scouleri ssp. grandis (Synonyms:) - ???????

Robust Campion, Scouler's Catchfly, Simple Campion, Scouler's Silene: Silene grandis, Silene pacifica, Silene scouleri ssp. grandis, Silene scouleri ssp. scouleri, Silene scouleri var. pacifica, Silene scouleri var. scouleri) -

Bladder Campion: Silene vulgaris (Synonyms: Silene cucubalus, Silene inflata, Silene latifolia var. pubescens) -

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