[The Mint Family West of the Cascade Mountains]

Deadnettles and Henbits West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Lamium



Common Deadnettle, Common Dead-nettle, Henbit, Henbit Deadnettle, Giraffehead: Lamium amplexicaule -

Spotted Deadnettle, Spotted Henbit, Spotted Hen-nettle: Lamium maculatum -

Red Dead-nettle, Red Dead-nettle, Purple Deadnettle: Lamium purpureum var. incisum - Wildflower to 8 inches tall. Flowers with 5 fused petals opening to two lips (shape is somewhat reminiscent of a sock puppet.). Flower rose to purplish with white & red flecks on the inside of the lips. Leaves ovate, simple, roundly toothed, and palmately veined. Stems are square.

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