[The Elderberry, Honeysuckle, Muskroot and Twinflower Families West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

High-bush Cranberries and Viburnums West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Viburnum

Inflorescence and leaves of High-bush Cranberry, Squashberry: Viburnum edule (Synonyms: Viburnum opulus var. edule,Viburnum pauciflorum)

Highbush Cranberry: Viburnum edule

Highbush Cranberry, High-bush Cranberry, Moosewood Viburnum, Squashberry: Viburnum edule (Synonyms: Viburnum opulus var. edule, Viburnum pauciflorum) - Native.

Common Viburnum, Oregon Viburnum, Oval-leaf Viburnum, Oval-leaved Viburnum, Western Blackhaw, Western Wayfaring Tree: Viburnum ellipticum (Synonym: Viburnum ellipticum var. macrocarpum) - Native. Shrub to 9 feet tall. Leaves oval, opposite, and toothed at the tip. Flowers small, arranged in fist-sized, saucer-shaped clumps. Flowers have a bad odor!

Wayfaring-tree: Viburnum lantana - Non-native.

American Cranberry-bush, American High-bush Cranberry: Viburnum opulus var. americanum (Synonyms: Viburnum opulus ssp. trilobum, Viburnum trilobum) - Native.

Cranberry-tree, European Cranberrybush, European Cranberry Bush, European Cranberry Tree, European Highbush Cranberry, Guelder Rose, Snowball: Viburnum opulus var. opulus (Synonyms: Viburnum opulus var. roseum, Viburnum roseum) - Non-native.

Japanese Snowball: Viburnum plicatum - Non-native.

Leatherleaf Arrowwood: Viburnum rhytidophyllum - Non-native.

Laurustinus: Viburnum tinus - Non-native.

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