[Wildflowers with 5 Petals West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

The Figwort Family West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington


Common Paintbrush, Scarlet Paintbrush, Scarlet Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja miniata var. miniata

Common Paintbrush, Scarlet Paintbrush, Scarlet Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja miniata var. miniata

Note: The Figwort Family has been split over the past dozen or so years into several separate familes. I'm listing the families here in alphabetical order with the remaining genera in the figwort family listed near the bottom.

False Pimpernel Family: Linderniaceae

False Pimpernel, Yellowseed False Pimpernel: Lindernia dubia (Synonym: Lindernia anagallidea, Lindernia dubia var. anagallidea, Lindernia dubia var. dubia) -

Mazus Family: Mazaceae

Japanese Mazus: Mazus pumilus var. pumilus (Synonym: Mazus japonicus) -

Broomrape Family: Orobanchaceae

Broomrapes: The Genera Aphyllon and Orobanche -

Yellow Glandweed, Yellow Parentucellia: Bellardia viscosa (Synonym: Parentucellia viscosa) -

Paintbrush: The Genus Castilleja -

Alkali Birdbeak: Chloropyron maritimum ssp. canescens (Synonyms: Cordylanthus canescens, Cordylanthus maritius ssp. canescens, Cordylanthus maritimus var. canescens) -

Point Reye's Birdbeak: Chloropyron maritimum ssp. palustre (Synonym: Cordylanthus maritimus ssp. palustris) -

Birdbeaks (Bird-beaks): The Genus Cordylanthus -

Common Eyebright, Hairy Eyebright: Euphrasia nemorosa (Synonyms: Euphrasia americana, Euphrasia arctica, Euphrasia arctica ssp. borealis, Euphrasia borealis, Euphrasia canadensis, Euphrasia curta, Euphrasia officinalis, Euphrasia pectinata, Euphrasia tatarica) -

Small Groundcone: Kopsiopsis hookeri (Synonym: Boschniakia hookeri) -

California Groundcone: Kopsiopsis strobilacea (Synonym: Boschniakia strobilacea) -

Red Bartsia: Odontites vulgaris - Introduced from Eurasia.

Owlclovers: The Genus Orthocarpus and Triphysaria -

Louseworts: The Genus Pedicularis -

Little Rattlebox, Rattlepod: Rhinanthus minor (Synonyms: Rhinanthus borealis, Rhinanthus borealis ssp. borealis, Rhinanthus borealis ssp. kyrollae, Rhinanthus crista-galli) -

Monkeyflower Family: Phrymaceae

Monkeyflowers (Monkey-flowers): The Genera Diplacus, Erythranthe and Mimulus -

Downy Monkeyflower, Downy Monkey-flower, False Monkey-flower: Mimetanthe pilosa (Synonym: Mimulus pilosus) -

Plantain Family: Plantaginaceae

Snapdragons: The Genus Antirrhinum -

Disk Water-hyssop, Round-leaved Water-hyssop: Bacopa rotundifolia -

Water-starworts: The Genus Callitriche -

Dwarf-snapdragon, Small European Toadflax: Chaenorhinum minus -

Blue-eyed Marys: The Genus Collinsia -

Ivy-leaved Toadflax, Kenilworth Ivy: Cymbalaria muralis (Synonym: Linaria cymbalaria) -

Foxglove, Purple Foxglove: Digitalis purpurea (Synonym: Digitalis purpurea var. purpurea) - Bright pink tubular flowers with red dots within white dots on the lower petal, leading into the interior of the flower tube. Robust plant to 6 feet tall.

Hedge Hyssops: The Genus Gratiola -

Mountain Mare's Tail: Hippurus montana

Common Mare's-tail, Mare's Tail: Hippuris vulgaris

Bush Penstemon: Keckiella lemmonii (Synonym: Penstemon lemmonii) -

Fluelins: The Genus Kickxia -

Toadflaxes: The Genus Linaria -

Lesser Snapdragon, Weasel's Snout: Misopates orontium (Synonym: Antirrhinum orontium) -

Woodland Beard Tongue: Nothochelone nemorosa (Synonym: Penstemon nemorosus) -

Toadflaxes: The Genus Nuttallanthus -

Penstemons: The Genus Penstemon -

Plantains: The Genus Plantago -

Brewer's Snapdragon: Sairocarpus breweri (Synonyms: Antirrhinum breweri, Antirrhinum vexillo-calyculatum, Antirrhinum vexillo-calyculatum ssp. breweri) -

Small-flowered Tonella, Lesser Baby-innocence: Tonella tenella -

Brooklimes and Speedwells: The Genus Veronica (includes the former Genus Scrophularia) -

Figwort Family: Scrophulariaceae

Mudworts: The Genus Limosella -

Figworts: The Genus Scrophularia -

Mulleins: The Genus Verbascum -

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