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Leaves of Native Trees

Willamette Valley, Cascade Mts, Columbia River Gorge

Compound Pinnate Leaves

3A. European Mountain Ash: Plants of lowland areas and in or near cities. Domestic, cultivated plant which may occasionally escape into the wild.

3B. Plants of the foothills and mountains, from 2000' to 7000 feet in elevation. Native plants...............Go to 4.

4A. Cascade Mountain Ash: 7 to 11 leaflets. Leaflets wider and rounder in shape. Leaflets toothed less than 2/3 of length. Fruit clusters of red berries (pomes) with a duller blueish cast.

4B. Sitka Mountain Ash: 9 to 13 leaflets. Leaflets narrower and more pointed at both ends (especially at tip). Leaflets often finely toothed more than 2/3 length. Fruit is clusters of bright, shiny orange to scarlet berries (pomes).

Paul Slichter