[Trees With Compound-pinnate Leaves]

Leaves of Native Trees

Willamette Valley, Cascade Mts, Columbia River Gorge

Compound Pinnate Leaves with Toothed Edges

2A. 5 to 7 Leaflets: Leaves have 5 to 7 leaflets. Leaves are opposite on stem. Leaflets have unequally shaped bases. Edges or leaflets are serrate (toothed). Fruit are bright red berries in pyramid shaped clusters or blue berries in plate-shaped clusters. The berries are ripe in late spring to early summer (red elderberry) or late summer (blueelderberry). Stems numerous from base of plant. Stems are hollow. (Red or Blue Elderberry)

2B. or 7 to 21 leaflets: Leaves have 7 to 21 leaflets. Leaves are alternate on stem. (Smooth Sumac) or (Mountain Ash)

Paul Slichter