[Shrubs with Simple-pinnate Leaves]


Scientific Name:

Amelanchier alnifolia

Family Name:

Rose Family


Open forest west to rocky eastern slopes


1. Bush to small tree (3-25 ft).

2. Leaves simple & oval-shaped with tiny teeth only at the tip of the leaf.

3. 5-long, thin, twisted-white petals.

4. Many stamens.

5. Flowers in clumps.

6. Leaves alternate along stem.

Uses or Importances:

1. Red to black berries are seedy but delicious. May be used in juices, jams, or eaten raw. Early settlers used it for pies, while the Indians used it as a major ingredient of pemmican.

2. Leaves may be boiled for a flavorful tea.

3. Used as a pretty garden shrub in native gardens.

Paul Slichter