[Shrubs with Simple-pinnate Leaves]

Indian Plum/Osoberry

Scientific Name:

Oemleria cerasiformis (osmaronia cerasiformis)

Family Name:

Rose Family


Moist, open woods at low elevations


1. Large shrub with many stems, 4-10 ft. tall.

2. Oval leaves 3in-5in long.

3. Cluster of 4-9 white flowers (5 petals ) hang from each leaf cluster.

4. Crushed flowers & leaves have cucumber odor or taste.

Uses or Importances:

1. Small plum-like berries, bluish-black in color. Not very tasty. Indians ate them as starvation food.

2. The berries are important bird food. (See photo at right of berries.)

Paul Slichter