Mock Orange

[Shrubs with Simple-pinnate Leaves]


Mock Orange

Scientific Name:

Philadelphus lewisii (43K)

Family Name:

Mock Orange (Hydrangea) Family: Philadelphaceae


Open woods.


1. Mock Orange is a loosely branched shrub up to 10 feet in height. Typically, many stems arise from the ground.

2. The flowers are white with 4 petals and many stamens.

3. The flowers are very fragrant.

4. The leaves are opposite, oval shaped, with smooth to lightly toothed leaf edges.

Uses or Importances:

1. Beautiful shrub for the garden.

2. Scent of flowers is sweet and very fragrant. Visit Tom McCall Preserve (east of Mosier, OR) in late May or early June to enjoy the fragrance of this plant.

3. Wood is strong & hard for tools, bows, & arrows.

4. Leaves and flowers make a soapy foam when wet for cleaning.

Photo at right shows the opposite leaves of Mock Orange.

Paul Slichter