[Shrubs with Simple-pinnate Leaves]

Creek Dogwood

Scientific Name:

Cornus stolonifera (43K)

Family Name:

Dogwood Family


Wet forest sites, frequently along streams, in ditches, or in wetland swales.


1. Leaves oval,dark shiny green above, lighter below.

2. Flowers white, tiny, in rounded clusters at the tips of the stems.

3. Stems red in winter (sold as Red-twig Dogwood at nurseries).

4. Berries white.

5. Plant is a small tree, to twenty feet.

Uses or Importances:

1. Ornamental tree.

2. Wood is strong, used for tool handles.

3. Small straight stems, once called dags (hence the original plant name- dagwood), which are used as skewers for campfire cooking.

4. The bark was at one time dried and used as a tea for treating colds & flu.

Paul Slichter