[The Sunflower Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

The Sunflower Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington

Wildflowers with Daisy-like Wildflower Heads


Cushion Fleabane: Erigeron poliospermus var. poliospermus
Members of the Sunflower Family with Flowers like Daisies or Sunflowers:
Flowers consist of a central disc of small, short petaled flowers often tightly packed together surrounded by a ring of longer petaled flowers. The longer, outside flowers may be white, yellow, pink, blue, or lavender.

Wildflowers of the Genus Achillea: The Yarrows

1. Yarrow Achillea millefolium: The leaves are narrow, divided into numerous, very short, very dissect leaflets. The inflorescence is a flat-topped cluster. Individual flower heads have several white disk flowers surrounded by several broad, rounded white petals. The stems are covered with white, cottony hairs. It may have an unpleasant odor.

Wildflowers of the Genus Anthemis: The Chamomiles

Wildflowers of the Genus Arnica:

5. Streambank Arnica Arnica amplexicaulis var. amplexicaulis:

6. Streambank Arnica Arnica amplexicaulis var. piperi:

7. Heartleaf Arnica Arnica cordifolia :

8. Rayless Arnica Arnica discoidea:

9. Hillside Arnica Arnica fulgens:

10. Mountain Arnica Arnica latifolia:

11. Rydberg's Arnica Arnica rydgergii:

Wildflowers of the Genus Aster:

12. Alpine Aster Aster alpigenus

13. Long-leaved Aster Aster ascendens (A. chilensis)

14. Western Meadow Aster Aster campestris

15. Eaton's Aster Aster eatonii

16. Leafy Aster Aster foliaceus var. parryi

17. Alkali Aster Aster frondosus

18. Klickitat Aster Aster glaucescens

19. Cascade Aster Aster ledophyllus

20. Great Northern Aster Aster modestus

21. English Aster Aster novae-angliae

22. Western Aster Aster occidentalis var. intermedius

23. Western Aster Aster occidentalis var. occidentalis

24. Oregon White-top Aster Aster oregonensis

25. Tufted White Prairie Aster Aster pansus

26. Rough-leaf Aster Aster radulinus

27. Douglas' Aster Aster subspicatus

Wildflowers of the Genus Balsamorhiza: The Balsamroots

28. Carey's Balsamroot Balsamorhiza careyana

29. Northwest Balsamroot Balsamhoriza deltoidea

30. Arrow-leaf Balsamroot Balsamhoriza sagittata

Wildflowers of the Genus Bidens: The Beggar Ticks

31. Nodding Beggar Ticks Bidens cernua:

Wildflowers of the Genus Chrysanthemum:

32. Ox-eye Daisy Chrysanthemum vulgare (C. leucanthemum): An erect plant with stout stems. The leaves are pinnatifid. The large, showy flower heads are at the apex of the stems, with long white rays surrounding a broad yellow disk.

33. Feverfew Chrysanthemum parthenium:

Wildflowers of the Genus Chrysopsis: The Goldasters

34. Hairy Goldaster Chrysopsis villosa: An upright to sprawling plant of sandy areas. Sometimes weedy. The leaves and stems are abundantly hairy. The flower heads are like yellow daisies.

Wildflowers of the Genus Columbiadoria:

35. Hall's Goldenweed Columbiadoria hallii (formerly Haplopappus hallii):

Wildflowers of the Genus Conyza:

36. Horseweed, Canada Fleabane: Conyza canadensis: This species may have very short, white rays or may essentially be rayless.

Wildflowers of the Genus Coreopsis:

37. Calliopsis, Columbia Coreopsis, Golden Tickseed Coreopsis tinctoria)var. atkinsoniana (Synonyms: Coreopsis atkinsoniana, Coreopsis tinctoria var. tinctoria) Erect wildflowers to 2-3 feet tall. Flowers broad, showy, with yellow ray flowers that may be orangish at base. Leaves pinnatifid or bipinnatifid, linear. Flowers, stems, and leaves are hairless.

Wildflowers of the Genus Crocidium: The Gold Stars

38. Gold Stars/ Spring Gold Crocidium multicaule : Low growing wildflowers to 8 inches tall. Small dime-sized flower heads with yellow central disks and 8-13 yellow ray flowers. Spatulate basal leaves with alternate, thin stem leaves with scattered tufts of woolly hairs.

Wildflowers of the Genus Erigeron: The Fleabanes or Daisies

39. Annual Fleabane Erigeron annuus

40. Cut-leaved Daisy Erigeron compositus var. compositus

41. Spreading Fleabane Erigeron divergens

42. Thread-leaf Fleabane Erigeron filifolius

43. Howell's Daisy Erigeron howellii

44. Yellow Desert (Linear-leaved) Daisy Erigeron linearis

45. Columbia Gorge Daisy Erigeron oreganus

46. Foreign Daisy Erigeron peregrinus var. eucallianthemus

47. Pink Fleabane Erigeron philadelphicus

48. Cushion Fleabane Erigeron poliospermus

49. Branching Daisy Erigeron strigosus

50. Three-vein Fleabane Erigeron subtrinervis var. conspicuus

Wildflowers of the Genus Eriophyllum: The Woolly Sunflowers

51. Oregon Sunshine/ Woolly Sunflower Eriophyllum lanatum : Numerous flower heads, each with a dime-sized yellow central disk surrounded by 8-14 yellow ray flowers. The upper stem leaves are linear, but the lower leaves are pinnately dissected. The leaves and stems are covered with gray, woolly hairs. A common plant of drier, often rocky slopes.

Wildflowers of the Genus Euthamia: Goldenrod

52. Western Goldenrod: Euthamia (Solidago) occidentalis

Wildflowers of the Genus Gaillardia: The Blanket Flowers

53. Blanket Flower, Common Gaillardia, Great-flowered Gaillardia Gaillardia aristata : Large flower heads with about 10 yellow, staghorn or 3-forked rays surrounding a red dome of disk flowers. Leaves linear with short pairs of projecting lobes. 1-2 feet tall.

Wildflowers of the Genus Grindelia: The Gumweeds

54. Idaho Gumweed, Low Gumweed: Grindelia nana var. nana (Synonyms: Grindelia hirsutula, Grindelia nana var. integerrima, Grindelia nana var. integrifolia, Grindelia nana ssp. nana, Grindelia squarrosa var. integrifolia ): Smooth-leaved and -stemmed perennial to 80 cm in height. Flower-heads with yellow rays and disk flowers. Plant is not very resinous. Involucral bracts with reflexed, almost hook-like tips. A plant of dry open places.

Wildflowers of the Genus Gutierrezia: Matchbrush

55. Matchbrush: Gutierrezia sarothrae:

Wildflowers of the Genus Helenium: The Sneezeweeds

56. Common Sneezeweed, Large-flowered Sneezeweed, Mountain Sneezeweed, Sneezeweed Helenium autumnale (Synonyms: Helenium autumnale var. autumnale, Helenium autumnale var. grandiflorum, Helenium autumnale var. montanum)

Wildflowers of the Genus Helianthella:

57. Little Sunflower Helianthella uniflora:

Wildflowers of the Genus Helianthus: The Sunflowers

58. Common Sunflower Helianthus annuus:

59. Cusick's Sunflower Helianthus cusickii:

Wildflowers of the Genus Lagophylla:

60. Rabbit Leaf Lagophylla ramosissima:

Wildflowers of the Genus Layia: The Tidy-tips

61.Whitedaisy Tidytips, White Daisy Tidytips, White Layia: Layia glandulosa (Synonyms: Layia glandulosa ssp. glandulosa, Layia glandulosa ssp. lutea): Flower heads with white, antler or 3-forked rays, and a globose, yellow central disk. Leaves linear to lobed.

Wildflowers of the Genus Machaeranthera:

62. Hoary Aster Machaeranthera canescens:

Wildflowers of the Genus Madia: The Tarweeds

63. Lemon-scented Tarweed Madia citriodora:

64. Little Tarweed Madia exigua:

65. Stinking Tarweed Madia glomerata:

66. Common Tarweed Madia gracilis:

Wildflowers of the Genus Nestotus: Goldenweeds

67. Narrowleaf Goldenweed, Narrowleaf Mock Goldenweed: Nestotus stenophyllus (Synonyms: Haplopappus stenophyllus, Stenotus stenophyllus)

Wildflowers of the Genus Rigiopappus: Bristleheads or Wireweeds

68. Bristlehead, Bristle Head, Wireweed Rigiopappus leptocladus:

Wildflowers of the Genus Senecio: The Butterweeds and Groundsels

69. Bolander's Butterweed Senecio bolanderi

70. Alpine Meadow Groundsel Senecio cymbalarioides

71. Sweet Marsh Groundsel Senecio foetidus var. hydrophiloides

72. Great Swamp Groundsel Senecio hydrophilus

73. Western Groundsel Senecio integerrimus

74. Tansy Ragwort Senecio jacobaea

75. Streambank Butterweed Senecio pseudaureus

76. Arrow-leaf Groundsel Senecio triangularis

Wildflowers of the Genus Solidago: The Goldenrods

77. Meadow Goldenrod, Canada Goldenrod: Solidago canadensis var. salebrosa

78. Giant Goldenrod, Late Goldenrod: Solidago gigantea

79. Bushy Goldenrod, Fragrant Goldenrod: Solidago graminifolia var. major

80. Little Goldenrod, Sticky Goldenrod: Solidago simplex var. simplex (S. spathulata var. neomexicana)

Wildflowers of the Genus Tanacetum:

81. Featherfew, Feather-few, Feverfew, Fever-few: Tanacetum parthenium (Synonym: Chrysanthemum parthenium)

Wildflowers of the Genus Wyethia: The Mule's Ears

82. Northern Wyethia/ Mule's Ears Wyethia amplexicaulis

83. Narrow-leaf Mule's-ears Wyethia angustifolia

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