[Wildflowers with 5 Petals in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

The Mallow Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington


Mountain Hollyhock: Iliamna rivularis

Mountain Hollyhock: Iliamna rivularis

Members of the Mallow Family Found in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington:

Velvetleaf: Abutilon theophrasti (Synonyms: Abutilon abutilon, Abutilon avicennae) - Historical collections exist for this plant at Bingen, WA by Wilhelm Suksdorf (1885).

Flower-of-an-hour, Flower of an Hour, Modesty: Hibiscus trionum (Synonym: Trionum trionum) -

Mountain Hollyhock, Streambank Globemallow, Streambank Wild Hollyhock: Iliamna rivularis (Synonyms: Iliamna acerifolia, Iliamna corei, Iliamna remota, Iliamna rivularis var. rivularis, Phymosia remota, Sphaeralcea rivularis) - Shrub-like perennials. Calyx with small bracts at its base.

Cheeseweeds and Mallows: The Genus Malva -

Alkali Mallow, White Weed: Malvella leprosa (Synonyms: Sida hederacea, Sida leprosa, Sida leprosa var. hederacea) -

Marsh Hollyhock, Oregon Checkermallow: Sidalcea oregana ssp. oregana (Synonyms: Sidalcea maxima, Sidalcea oregana ssp. oregana var. procera, Sidalcea oregana var. maxima, Sidalcea oregana var. oregana, Sidalcea oregana var. procera) - Herbaceous perennial. Calyx without small bracts at its base. Stamens freed from top of staminaltube in 2-4 series of 2-6 stamens that are fused together.

Munro's Globemallow, White-stemmed Globemallow, Munro's Mallow, White-leaved Globemallow, Whitestem Globemallow: Sphaeralcea munroana (Synonyms: Sphaeralcea munroana ssp. munroana, Sphaeralcea munroana ssp. subrhomboidea, Sphaeralcea munroana var. munroana, Sphaeralcea munroana var. subrhomboidea) - Found in low areas along the Columbia River east of the John Day River. Historically found as far west as the bottomlands near Bingen, WA.

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