[Wildflowers with 5 Petals in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

The Blazing Star Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington


Smoothstem Blazingstar: Mentzelia laevicaulis

Members of the Blazing Star Family Found in the Columbia River Gorge:

Whitestem Blazingstar, White-stem Blazing-star: Mentzelia albicaulis (Synonyms: Acrolasia albicaulis, Acrolasia gracilis, Mentzelia albicaulis var. albicaulis, Mentzelia albicaulis var. ctenophora, Mentzelia albicaulis var. gracilis, Mentzelia albicaulis var. tenerrima, Mentzelia gracilis, Mentzelia mojavensis, Trachyphytum gracile)

Blazing Star, Blazing-star Mentzelia, Common Blazing-star, Great Mentzelia, Smoothstem Blazingstar, Smoothstem Blazing-star: Mentzelia laevicaulis var. laevicaulis (Synonyms: Mentzelia laevicaulis var. acuminata, Nuttallia laevicaulis)

Variegated-bract Blazingstar: Mentzelia montana (Synonym: Acrolasia montana) - Collected between Boardman and Irrigon, OR

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