[The Mustard Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

The Pepperweeds of the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Lepidium


Field Cress, Field Peppergrass, Field Pepperweed, Field Pepperwort, Pepperwort: Lepidium campestre (Synonyms: Neolepia campestre, Thlaspi campestre) -

Common Pepperweed: Lepdium densiflorum var. densiflorum (Synonyms: Lepidium densiflorum var. typicum, Lepidium neglectum, Lepidium texanum) -

Common Pepperweed: Lepidium densiflorum var. elongatum (Synonym: Lepidium elongatum) -

Babyseed Pepperweed: Lepidium densiflorum var. pubicarpum (Synonyms: Lepidium densiflorum var. bourgeaunum, Lepidium densiflorum var. elongatum, Lepidium densiflorum var. pubecarpum, Lepidium pubecarpum) -

Miner's Pepperweed: Lepidium densiflorum var. ramosum (Lepidium densiflorum var. macrocarpum, Lepidium ramosum, Lesquerella sherwoodii) -

Alkali Pepperweed, Veiny Peppergrass: Lepidium dictyotum var. dictyotum -

Broadleaved Pepperweed, Broad-leaved Pepperweed, Broad-leaved Pepperwort, Dittander, Perennial Pepperweed, Perennial Pepperwort, Pepperwort: Lepidium latifolium (Synonym: Cardaria latifolia) -

Shining Pepperweed: Lepidium nitidum var. nitidum (Synonym: Lepidium nitidum var. insigne) -

Clasping Peppergrass, Clasping Pepperweed, Clasping Pepperwort, Round-leaved Peppergrass, Yellow-flowered Peppergrass: Lepidium perfoliatum (Synonyms: Nasturtium perfoliatum) -

Idaho Peppergrass, Menzies' Pepperweed, Poor Man's Pepper, Tall Western Peppergrass, Virginia Pepperweed: Lepidium virginicum var. menziesii (Synonyms: Lepidium menziesii, Lepidium virginicum ssp. menziesii) - An observation from near the Columbia River in Sherman County east of the Deschutes River.

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