[The Flora of Mt. Adams Country]

The Sedge Family in Mt. Adams Country


Autumn colors of showy sedge: Carex spectabilis

A colorful autmn sedge (Showy Sedge: Carex spectabilis) as seen at 7000' near the base of the Mazama Glacier on Mt. Adams .........October 13, 2006.

Female spike of showy sedge (Carex spectabilis)The photo at right shows a specimen of Carex spectabilis.

The Sedges of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Carex -

Awned Flatsedge: Cyperus squarrosus (Synonyms: Chlorocyperus inflexus, Cyperus aristatus, Cyperus aristatus, Cyperus inflexus, Dichostylis aristata, Mariscus squarrosus) - Collected near Trout Lake, WA.

Three-way Sedge: Dulichium arundinaceum (Synonyms: Cyperus arundinaceus, Dulichium arundinaceum var. arundinaceum, Dulichium arundinaceum var. boreale) - Collected near Glenwood, WA?

The Spike-rushes of Mt. Adams Country : The Genus Eleocharis -

The Cotton-grass of Mt. Adams Country : The Genus Eriophorum -

The Bulrush of Mt. AdamsCountry - The Genus Scirpus -

The Bulrushes and Clubrushes of Mt. Adams Country : The Genus Trichophorum -

Unidentified Sedge E

Unidentified Sedge J

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