[Animals of Mount Adams Country]

Mammals of Mount Adams Country

Cascades Golden-mantled Groundsquirrel: Spermophilus saturatus

Cascades Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel: Spermophilus saturatus

The following represent animals that I have seen on Mt. Adams (Note that the scientific names may now be outdated.):


Water Shrew: Sorex palustris ? - Seen on culvert on Rd 2329 at Muddy Fork.


Pikas and Hares:

Pika: Ochotona princeps - Common in rockfall both above and below the treeline.

Snowshoe hare: Lepus americanus - Seen on the road to Stagman Ridge.



Hoary Marmot: Marmota caligata - Seen along Rd 23 at the Lewis River and Trail #9 at the Aiken Lava Flow.

Cascades Golden-mantled Groundsquirrel: Spermophilus saturatus - Common on all sides of the mountain, both above and below timberline.

Beechey Ground Squirrel / California Ground Squirrel: Spermophilus beecheyi - Common along roads at lower elevations on the southern and southeastern approaches to the mountain..

Douglas Squirrel: Tamiasciurus douglasii - Common in coniferous forests.

Least Chipmunk: Tamias minimus - Often seen in rocky areas above timberline.

Townsends Chipmunk: Tamias townsendii - Often seen in forests.

Porcupine: Erithizon dorsatum - Seen near Glenwood, WA, so possible on Mt. Adams.



Hoofed Mammals

Mountain Goat: Oreamnos americanus - I commonly see them from the uppermost reaches of Bird Creek and Hellroaring Meadows, the Ridge of Wonders, Goat Butte and upper Avalanche Valley, the lateral moraines around Lyman and Lava Glaciers, and High Camp.

Elk or Wapiti: Cervus canadensis - Seen commonly on all sides of the mountain, including alpine areas.

Black-tailed Deer: Odocoileus hemionus var. columbianus - Common on the western slopes.

Mule Deer: Odocoileus hemionus var. hemiiionus - Common on the eastern slopes.


Weasel Family

Pine Marten: Martes americana - Seen in the upper Lewis River drainage, along Rd #23 near the intersection with Rd #2360 and on the Ridge of Wonders.

Long-tailed Weasel or Ermine: Mustela frenata or M. erminea - Seen hunting pika along the Pacific Crest Trail between Adams Creek and Killen Creek.



Black Bear: Ursus americanus - Seen in berryfields along the western slopes of the mountain as well as in open coniferous forest on the east side of the mountain..


Canine Family

Coyote: Canis latrans


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