[Wildflowers with 5 Petals in Mt. Adams Country]

The Mint Family in Mt. Adams Country


lose-up of a leaf and flower of Oblong Bluecurls: Trichostema oblongum

Oblong Bluecurls: Trichostema oblongum

Western Giant-hyssop, Western Horse-mint: Agastache occidentalis -

Yerba Buena, Oregon-tea: Clinopodium douglasii (Synonyms: Micromeria chamissonis, Satureja chamissonis, Satureja douglasii) -

Rough Bugleweed, Rough Water-horehound: Lycopus asper -

Northern Bugleweed: Lycopus uniflorus (Synonyms: Lycopus uniflorus var. uniflorus, Lycopus virginicus var. pauciflorus) -

White Horehound: Marrubium vulgare - Collected at an old sheep-corral on the east side of Mt. Adams in 1904. This may not be in the area now.

American Wild Mint, Canada Mint, Corn Mint, Field Mint, Chinese Mint, Sakhalin Mint, Japanese Mint, and East AsianWild Mint: Mentha canadensis (Synonyms: Mentha arvensis var. canadensis, Mentha arvensis var. glabrata) -

Spearmint: Mentha spicata -

Monardella, Coyote Mint, Mountain Monardella: Monardella odoratissima ssp. discolor (Synonyms: Madronella nervosa, Monardella discolor, Monardella nervosa, Monardella odoratissima var. discolor) -

Common Self-heal, Heal-all, Lance Selfheal, Native Heal-all, Self-heal: Prunella vulgaris ssp. lanceolata (Synonyms: Prunella vulgaris var. elongata, Prunella vulgaris ssp. lanceolata) -

Common Self-heal, Heal-all, Self-heal: Prunella vulgaris ssp vulgaris (Synonym: Prunella vulgaris var. vulgaris) -

Fleshy Sage, Gray-ball Sage: Salvia dorrii var. incana (Syonyms: Salvia carnosa, Salvia dorrii ssp. carnosa, Salvia dorrii var. carnosa) - Collected in 1901 on Snipes Mountain. May not be currently present due to habitat change and recent wildfires.

Great Hedge-nettle, Cooley's Hedge-nettle: Stachys cooleyae (Synonyms:Stachys chamissonis var. cooleyae) -

Oblong Bluecurls, Downy Blue Curls, Mountain Bluecurls, Mountain Blue Curls: Trichostema oblongum -

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