[Wildflowers with 5 Petals in Mount Adams Country]

The Hare-bell Family in Mount Adams Country


Rough Bellflower, Rough Harebell: Campanula scabrella

Pale-flowered version of rough harebell as seen at 7900' in the Devils Garden..........July 24, 2005.

American Harebell, Bluebell Bellflower, Bluebell-of-Scotland, Roundleaf Bluebell, Scots Bellflower: Campanula rotundifolia (Synonyms: Campanula alaskana, Campanula dubia, Campanula gieseckiana, Campanula gieseckiana ssp. groenlandica, Campanula gieseckiana var. arctica, Campanula groenlandica, Campanula heterodoxa, Campanula intercedens, Campanula petiolata, Campanula rotundifolia ssp. groenlandica, Campanula rotundifolia ssp. intercedens, Campanula rotundifolia var. alaskana, Campanula rotundifolia var. alpina, Campanula rotundifolia var. arctica, Campanula rotundifolia var. intercedens, Campanula rotundifolia var. lancifolia, Campanula rotundifolia var. petiolata, Campanula rotundifolia var. velutina, Campanula sacajaweana) -

Rough Bellflower, Rough Harebell: Campanula scabrella -

Pale Bellflower, Scouler's Harebell, Scouler's Bluebell: Campanula scouleri -

Common Downingia, Elegant Calicoflower, Elegant Downingia, Showy Downingia: Downingia elegans (Synonyms: Downingia elegans var. brachypetala, Downingia elegans var. corymbosa, Downingia elegans var. elegans) -

Heterocodon, Western Pearlflower: Heterocodon rariflorum (Synonyms: Heterocodon rariflorum, Specularia rariflora) -

Flower of Rough Bellflower, Rough Harebell: Campanula scabrella

Rough Harebell: Campanula scabrella

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