[Wildflowers with 5 Petals of Mount Adams and Vicinity]

The Hare-bell Family on Mount Adams and Vicinity


Pale-flowered version of rough harebell as seen at 7900' in the Devils Garden.............July 24, 2005.

Scots Bluebells, Roundleaf Bluebell: Campanula rotundifolia -

Rough Harebell: Campanula scabrella -

Scouler's Harebell: Campanula scouleri -

Common Downingia, Elegant Calicoflower, Elegant Downingia, Showy Downingia: Downingia elegans (Synonyms: Downingia elegans var. brachypetala, Downingia elegans var. corymbosa, Downingia elegans var. elegans) -

Heterocodon: Heterocodon rariflorum -

Rough Harebell

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