[Wildflowers with 4 Petals in Mt. Adams Country]

The Bedstraw Family in Mt. Adams Country

Also known as the Madder Family


Northern Bedstraw: Galium boreale

Northern Bedstraw: Galium boreale

Piedmont Bedstraw: Cruciata pedimontana (Synonyms: Cruciata pedimontanum, Galium pedemontanum, Vaillantia pedemontana) -

Annual Bedstraw, Common Bedstraw, Cleavers, Common Cleavers, Goose-grass, Sticky-willy: Galium aparine (Synonyms: Galium agreste var. echinospermum, Galium aparine var. aparine, Galium aparine var. echinospermum, Galium aparine var. intermedium, Galium aparine var. minor, Galium aparine ssp. spurium, Galium aparine var. vaillantii, Galium spurium, Galium spurium var. echinospermum, Galium spurium var. vaillantii, Galium vaillantii) -

Northern Bedstraw: Galium boreale (Synonyms: Galium boreale ssp. septentrionale, Galium boreale var. hyssopifolium, Galium boreale var. intermedium, Galium boreale var. linearifolium, Galium boreale var. scabrum, Galium boreale var. typicum, Galium hyssopifolium, Galium septentrionale, Galium strictum) -

Oregon Bedstraw: Galium oreganum (Synonym: Galium kamtschaticum var. oreganum) -

Small Bedstraw, Threepetal Bedstraw, Three-petal Bedstraw: Galium trifidum ssp. pacificum (Synonyms: Galium brandegei, Galium columbianum, Galium cymosum, Galium tinctorium, Galium trifidum ssp. columbianum, Galium trifidum ssp. pacificum, Galium trifidum var. pusillum, Galium trifidum ssp. subbiflorum, Galium trifidum var. subbiflorum, Galium trifidum var. trifidum) -

Fragrant Bedstraw, Sweetscented Bedstraw, Three-flowered Bedstraw: Galium triflorum (Synonyms: Galium brachiatum, Galium pennsylvanicum, Galium triflorum var. asprelliforme, Galium triflorum var. viridiflorum) -

Kelloggia: Kelloggia galioides -

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