[The Harebell Family in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Harebells of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Campanula

American Harebell, Bluebell Bellflower, Round-leaf Bluebell, Common Harebell, Scots Bellflower, Bluebell-of-Scotland: Campanula rotundifolia (Synonym: Campanula sacajaweana)

Round-leaf Harebell: Campanula rotundifolia

Alaska Bellflower, Alaska Harebell, Mountain Harebell: Campanula lasiocarpa (Synonym: Campanula lasiocarpa ssp. latisepala) -

Parry's Bellflower, Parry's Harebell: Campanula parryi var. idahoensis -

California Harebell, California Bellflower: Campanula prenanthoides (Synonym: Asyneuma prenanthoides) -

Creeping Bellflower, Rover Harebell: Campanula rapunculoides - Introduced.

Common Harebell, American Harebell, Bluebell Bellflower, Bluebell-of-Scotland, Round-leaf Bluebell, Scots Belflower: Campanula rotundifolia (Synonym: Campanula sacajaweana) -

Rough Harebell, Rough Bellflower: Campanula scabrella -

Scouler's Harebell, Scouler's Bluebell, Pale Bellflower: Campanula scouleri -

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