[The Buttercup Family in the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington]

Anemones and Wind Flowers of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Anemone

Flower of Delphinium menziesii

Columbia Windflower: Anemone deltoidea

Columbia Windflower, Columbian Windflower, Threeleaf Anemone, Three-leaf Anemone, Three-leaved Anemone, Western White Anemone: Anemone deltoidea - Stem leaves simple.

Drummond's Anemone, Drummond's Windflower: Anemone drummondii var. drummondii (Synonyms: Anemone cairnesiana, Anemone californica, Anemone drummondii ssp. drummondii) -

Little Mountain Anemone, Little Mountain Thimbleweed, Lyall's Anemone, Lyall's Windflower, Thimbleweed: Anemone lyallii (Synonyms: Anemone nemorosa var. lyallii, Anemone oligantha, Anemone quinquefolia, Anemone quinquefolia var. lyallii ) - Stem leaves trifoliate. Calyx up to 15 mm wide. Stamens 10-30.

Pacific Anemone, Cliff Anemone: Anemone multifida var. hirsuta -

Cliff Anemone, Globe Anemone, Pacific Anemone: Anemone multifida var. multifida (Synonyms: Anemone globosa, Anemone multifida var. globosa, Anemone multifida var. hudsoniana, Anemone multifida var. nowasadii, Anemone multifida var. richardsiana, Anemone multifida var. sansonii) - Stem leaves parted and cleft into numerous oblong divisions.

Cliff Anemone, Hirsute Anemone, Hirsute Windflower, Pacific Anemone, Red Anemone: Anemone multifida var. saxicola (Synonyms: Anemone multifida ssp. saxicola, Anemone multifida var. hirsuta) -

Mountain Pasqueflower, Western Anemone, Western Pasqueflower, White Pasqueflower: Anemone occidentalis (Synonyms: Anemone occidentalis var. subpilosa, Pulsatilla occidentalis) -

Bog Anemone, Coast Anemone, Oregon Anemone, Western Wood Anemone: Anemone oregana var. felix (Synonym: Anemone felix) -

Blue Windflower, Oregon Windflower, Western Wood Anemone: Anemone oregana var. oregana (Synonyms: Anemone adamsiana, Anemone quinquefolia, Anemone quinquefolia var. oregana) - Stem leaves trifoliate. Calyx often over 20 mm wide. Stamens 30-60.

Northern Anemone, Northern Windflower, Small-flowered Anemone: Anemone parviflora (Synonyms: Anemone borealis, Anemone parviflora var. parviflora, Anemone parviflora var. grandiflora) -

Cliff Anemone, Prairie Pasqueflower: Anemone patens (Synonyms: Anemone ludovicana, Anemone nuttalliana, Pulsatilla patens ssp. multifida) -

Piper's Anemone, Piper's Windflower: Anemone piperi -

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