[The Iris Family in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Iris of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Iris

Slender-tubed Iris: Iris chrysophylla

Slender-tubed Iris: Iris chrysophylla

Siskiyou Iris: Iris bracteata - Generally found west of Interstate 5 in southwest Oregon. There could always be a possibility it's found east of I-5 into the westernmost foothills of the Cascades.

Slender-tubed Iris, Yellow-leaf Iris: Iris chrysophylla (Synonyms: Iris californica, Iris macrosiphon) -

Rocky Mountain Iris, Western Blue Flag, Western Iris: Iris missouriensis -

Pale Yellow Iris, Yellow Flag, Yellow Water Iris: Iris pseudacorus -

Oregon Flag, Oregon Iris, Tough-leaf Iris: Iris tenax var. tenax (Synonyms: Iris tenax ssp. klamathensis, Iris tenax ssp. tenax) -

Clackamas Iris: Iris tenuis -

Longtube Iris: Iris tenuissima -

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