[Wildflower Hikes and Trips of Central and Eastern Oregon]

Wildflower Hikes and Trips of Harney County, Oregon

View northwest towards the Aldrich Mountains from Calamity Butte, Malheur National Forest

A view northwest from Calamity Butte towards the Silvies Valley with the Aldrich Mountains on the horizon..................July 18, 2010. The access road to the lookout which crosses the slope in the foreground of the photo may prove a challenge to some low-slung passenger vehicles due to its steepness and rough, rocky tread in places. The rocky balds at the summit and sagebrush slopes that can be seen would be good for floral exploration from mid-June to mid-July most years.

Birding Harney County, OR

Calamity Butte Lookout (northern Harney County)

Domingo Pass (Pueblo Mts., Bureau of Land Management)

Idlewild Campground (Malheur National Forest)

Snow Mountain Lookout (Ochoco and Malheur National Forests)

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