[The Saxifrage Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Bishops Caps and Mitreworts East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Mitella

Inflorescence of Cross-shaped Mitrewort: Mitella stauropetala

Cross-shaped Mitrewort: Mitella stauropetala

Brewer's Bishops Cap, Brewer's Mitrewort, Feathery Bishop's-cap, Feathery Mitrewort: Mitella breweri (Synonym: Pectantia breweri) -

Leafy Mitrewort, Star-shaped Mitrewort, Slightstemmed Miterwort, Star-shaped Mitrewort: Mitella caulescens (Synonyms: Mitellastra caulescens, Mitellastrum caulescens) - Heart-shaped leaves 3-5 lobed with teeth on the lobes. l-3 smaller leaves present on the stems. Calyx shallowly saucer-shaped with green petals which are linear with 4-8 thin side branches (fringes). Stamens opposite the sepals. 10-40 cm high.

Bare-stemmed Mitrewort, Naked Miterwort: Mitella nuda (Synonym: Mitella prostrata) -

Alpine Mitrewort, Slightstemmed Miterwort, Leafy Miterwort, Star-shaped Mitrewort, Fivestamen Miterwort, Five-stamen Bishop's-cap: Mitella pentandra (Synonym: Pectiantia pentandra) - Leaf blades ovate and heart-shaped and about 5 cm long and wide. Margins shallowly lobed. Calyx is broadly saucer-shaped with 5 green, linear petals with 6-8 side branches (fringes). Stamens opposite the petals. Plants 20-50 cm high.

Cross-shaped Mitrewort, Smallflower Miterwort, Side-flowered Mitrewort: Mitella stauropetala var. stauropetala (Synonyms: Mitella stauropetala var. stauropetala, Mitella stenopetala, Ozomelis stauropetala) - Leaf blades heart-shaped with lobed margins, the lobes serrate. Inflorescence is strongly situated on one side of the stem, with numerous white flowers with the petals mostly 3-lobed.

Three-tooth Mitrewort, Three-parted Miterwort: Mitella trifida (Synonyms: Mitella trifida var. trifida, Mitella trifida var. violacea, Mitella violacea, Ozomelis anomala, Ozomelis micrantha, Ozomelis trifida) - Leaf blades orbicular with indistinct, toothed lobes. Stems without leaves. Racemes may or may not be weakly positioned on one side of stem. Petals white with 3 lobes or teeth at the tip. Stamens opposite the sepals. Plants 15-35 cm high.

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