[The Rose Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Blackberries, Brambles, Raspberries and Thimbleberries East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Rubus

Five-leaf Bramble: Rubus pedatus

Arctic Blackberry, Arctic Bramble, Arctic Raspberry, Crimson Blackberry, Dwarf Blackberry, Dwarf Raspberry, Nagoonberry, Nectarberry, Northern Blackberry, Wineberry: Rubus arcticus ssp. acaulis - Found east of the Cascade crest in Okanogan County.

Himalayan Blackberry: Rubus bifrons (Synonyms: Rubus armeniacus, Rubus discolor, Rubus procerus, Rubus thrysanthus) -

American Red Raspberry, Red Raspberry: Rubus idaeus ssp. idaeus (Synonyms: Rubus greeneanus, Rubus idaeus var. caudatus, Rubus idaeus var. egglestonii, Rubus idaeus var. eucyclus, Rubus idaeus var. heterolasius, Rubus idaeus var. peramoenus) -

American Red Raspberry, Grayleaf Red Raspberry, North American Red Raspberry, Western Red Raspberry: Rubus idaeus ssp. strigosus (Synonyms: Rubus carolinianus, Rubus idaeus ssp. melanolasius, Rubus idaeus ssp. sachalinensis, Rubus idaeus var. aculeatissimus, Rubus idaeus var. canadensis, Rubus idaeus var. gracilipes, Rubus idaeus var. melanolasius, Rubus idaeus var. melanotrachys, Rubus idaeus var. strigosus, Rubus melanolasius, Rubus neglectus, Rubus strigosus, Rubus strigosus var. acalyphaceus, Rubus strigosus var. arizonicus, Rubus strigosus var. canadensis) - Stems slender and bristly, measuring 0.5-2 meters long. The alternate leaves have 3-5 leaflets. Individual leaflets ovate to broadly lanceolate with irregularly toothed margins and measuring from 3-10 cm long. Calyx lobes 4-8 mm long and reflexed The petals are white and about 5 mm long. The fruit is red.

Evergreen Blackberry, Cutleaf Blackberry: Rubus laciniatus - Leaves cut into narrow, irregular lobes or segments. Stems prickly. Flowers white with the 5 petals each 8-18 mm long.

Blackcap, Whitebark Raspberry: Rubus leucodermis var. leucodermis - Shrub with ascending and arching branches, armed with short, stiff, straight or slightly recurved prickles. Leaves wit 3-5 leaflets that taper to a point and have a rounded or cordate base. Flowers few in terminal corymbs with 5 shorter, white petals.

Dark Raspberry, Northwest Raspberry: Rubus nigerrimus -

Thimbleberry: Rubus parviflorus var. parviflorus (Synonyms: Rubacer parviflorus, Rubus parviflorus var. bifarius, Rubus parviflorus var. grandiflorus, Rubus parviflorus var. heteradenius, Rubus parviflorus var. hypomalacus, Rubus parviflorus var. parvifolius) - Shrub to 6 feet high with unarmed stems. White or pastel pink flowers with 5 wide, wavy petals. Leaves large, simple but palmately veined. Leaves soft and "cushiony" to touch, hence the name of nature's TP!

Five-leaf Bramble, Strawberryleaf Raspberry, Strawberry Bramble: Rubus pedatus - A low, perennial herb that spreads by stolons or runners to form dense mats. Leaves basal, palmately compound with 5 irregularly toothed leaflets. Flowers white, solitary on 2-6 cm stems. Petals each about 10-12 mm long.

Dwarf Red Blackberry,Dwarf Red Raspberry, Dewberry: Rubus pubescens (Synonyms: Cylactis pubescens, Rubus pubescens var. pubescens, Rubus triflorus) -

Dewberry, California Blackberry, Trailing Blackberry: Rubus ursinus var. macropetalus - Trailing shrub or vine usually on the ground, but may climb stumps, rock walls, or fences. White flowers with 5 thin (airplane propeller shaped) petals with space between them. Prickly vine with compound leaves (3 leaflets).

European Blackberry: Rubus vestitus -

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