[The Miner's Lettuce and Purslane Families East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Lewisias East of the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Lewisia

Wallowa Lewisia: Lewisia columbiana var. wallowensis

Wallowa Lewisia: Lewisia columbiana var. wallowensis

Columbia Lewisia: Lewisia columbiana var. columbiana (Synonyms: Calandrinia columbiana, Lewisia columbiana ssp. columbiana, Oreobroma columbianum, Talinum denticulatum) - Found eastward in the Wenatchee Mts. near Mission and Wedge Peaks.

Wallowa Lewisia: Lewisia columbiana var. wallowensis (Synonym: Lewisia columbiana ssp. wallowensis) - Attractive wildflower with basal rosette of oblanceolate to spatulate leaves and one to several erect stems with small, alternating bracts. Flowers pink or white with red venation and with 6-9 petals.

Nevada Lewisia, Nevada Bitter-root: Lewisia nevadensis (Synonyms: Calandrinia nevadensis, Claytonia grayana, Lewisia bernardina, Lewisia minima, Lewisia pygmaea var. nevadensis, Oreobroma nevadensis) - Several to many basal leaves are present. Two green sepals are present with acute, spreading tips, the margins entire. Stems generally 1-flowered. Flowers over 8 mm long.

Alpine Lewisia, Alpine Bitter-root, Dwarf Lewisia, Pygmy Lewisia: Lewisia pygmaea (Synonyms: Calandrinia grayi, Calandrinia pygmaea, Lewisia exarticulata, Lewisia glandulosa, Lewisia minima, Lewisia pygmaea var. aridorum, Lewisia pygmaea var. pygmaea, Lewisia pygmaeum, Lewisia pygmaeum var. aridorum, Lewisia sierrae, Oreobroma aridorum, Oreobroma pygmaeum, Talinum pygmaeum) - Several to many basal leaves are present. Two green sepals are present, each with rounded, often jagged margins. Stems 1-2 flowered. Flowers less than 10 mm long.

Bitterroot: Lewisia rediviva var. rediviva (Synonyms: Lewisia rediviva, Lewisia rediviva var. minor) - Low growing spring wildflower to 2 inches. Flowers large and showy, with many white to pink petals on the 2 inch flowers. The sepals number 4 or more and are pink or red. Leaves mostly basal, fleshy, but long and thin.

Threeleaf Lewisia, Three-leaf Lewisia, Three-leaf Bitter-root: Lewisia triphylla (Synonyms: Claytonia triphylla, Erocallis triphylla, Oreobroma triphylla) - 2-4 long linear leaves arise from the stem. The stem connects to an underground, spherical corm. Two green sepals are present. The flowers are white to pink-tinged.

Tweedy's Lewisia: Lewisiopsis tweedyi (Synonyms: Calandrinia tweedyi, Cistanthe tweedyi, Lewisia tweedyi) -

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