[The Pink Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Campions, Catchflies and Silenes East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Silene

Petals of Oregon Campion: Silene oregana

Oregon Campion: Silene oregana

Moss Campion: Silene acaulis (Synonyms: Cucubalus acaulis, Silene acaulis ssp. exscapa, Silene acaulis var. exscapa, Silene acaulis var. exscaposa, Silene acaulis var. subacaulescens, Silene exscapa, Xamilensis acaulis) - Native. Matted perennials with pink (occasionally white) flowers. Calyx glabrous. Found at high elevation in the Wallowa Mts.

Sleepy Catchfly, Sleepy Silene: Silene antirrhina - Weedy species. Flowers white or pink. Calyx glabrous. Found in this range in the Imnaha Canyon.

Mountain Catchfly, Palmer's Campion, Palmer's Catchfly: Silene bernardina (Synonyms: Silene bernardina ssp. bernardina, Silene bernardina var. maguirei, Silene bernardina var. rigidula, Silene bernardina var sierrae, Silene montana, Silene shockleyi) - Native. Flowers white, pink or purple. Petal blades 4-lobed less than 1/2 its length. Calyx glandular-hairy. Found from the southern Oregon Cascades east to eastern Lake County.

Bell Catchfly: Silene campanlata ssp. glandulosa (Synonyms: Silene campanulata ssp. greenei, Silene campanulata var. greenei) -

Cone Catchfly, Conoid Catchfly, Large Sand Catchfly: Silene conoidea - Weedy species.. Flowers white to purplish. Calyx hairy. Found at several sites in northeastern Oregon?

Biennial Campion: Silene csereii (Synonym: Silene cserei) -

Bladder Campion: Silene cucubalus - Eurasian weed. Flowers white. Calyx glabrous and strongly inflated. Found near Spokane, WA and in disturbed sites elsewhere.

Forked Catchfly: Silene dichotoma (Synonym: Silene dichotoma ssp. dichotoma) - European weed. Petal blades 5-9 mm long, bilobed at 1/2 their length. Calyx stiffly haired. Found occasionally across south-central and southeastern Oregon. Also found near Pullman, WA.

Douglas' Campion, Douglas' Catchfly, Douglas' Silene: Silene douglasii var. douglasii (Synonyms: Silene douglasii var. monantha, Silene douglasii var. villosa, Silene lyallii) - Native. Flowers creamy-white, greenish, pink or purplish. Petal blade 4-6 mm long, bilobed 1/5-1/3 of its length. Calyx hairy but not glandular. Common across eastern Washington and Oregon.

Cliff-dwelling Campion, Douglas's Catchfly: Silene dougalsii var. rupinae -

Small-flowered Catchfly, Windmill-pink: Silene gallica -

White Campion, Bladder Campion, White Cockle: Silene latifolia (Synonyms: Lychnis alba, Silene alba, Silene latifolia ssp. alba, Silene latifolia var. alba, Silene pratensis) - Weedy. Flowers white. Petal blades 7-10 mm long and bilobed about 1/2 their length. Found in eastern Washington.

Menzie's Silene, Menzie's Campion: Silene menziesii (Synonyms: Anotites menziesii, Anotites viscosa, Silene menziesii ssp. menziesii, Silene menziesii ssp. menziesii var. menziesii, Silene menziesii ssp. menziesii var. viscosa, Silene menziesii var. menziesii, Silene menziesii var. viscosa, Silene obovata) - Native. Petals white, the petal blade 1.5-3 mm long and bilobed 1/2-3/5 of its length. Common across eastern Washington and Oregon.

Night-flowering Catchfly, Nightflowering Silene: Silene noctiflora (Synonym: Melandrium noctiflorum) - European weed. Flowers white to pinkish. Petal blades 7-10 mm long, bilobed less than 1/2 the length. Calyx strongly hairy. Found along the Deschutes River north of Bend, OR and in NE Oregon.

Fringed Campion, Scapose Silene, Sticky Catchfly, Western Fringed Catchfly: Silene nuda (Synonym: Silene scaposa var. lobata) - Native. Flowers white, pink or purple. Petal lobes 2.5-4.5 mm long, the tip irregularly toothed to nearly equally 4-lobed up to 1/2 the length. Calyx glandular-hairy. Found from northern Lake County across much of Harney and Malheur Counties of southeastern Oregon.

Oregon Catchfly, Oregon Silene: Silene oregana (Synonyms: Silene filisecta, Silene gormanii) - Native. Flowers white. Petal blades 3-5 mm long, either equally 4-lobed or the middle lobes deeply divided. Calyx glandular-hairy. Common across eastern Washington and Oregon.

Parry's Catchfly, Parry's Silene: Silene parryi (Synonyms: Silene douglasii var. macounii, Silene macounii) -

Sticky Catchfly: Silene pectinata (Synonyms: Silene insectivora, Silene nuda ssp. insectivora) -

Robinson's Catchfly, Scapose Silene: Silene scaposa (Synonym: Silene scaposa var. scaposa) - Native. Flowers white, pink or purple. Petal lobes 2.5-4.5 mm long, the tip irregularly toothed. Found in the Ochoco and Maury Mts. and western Blue Mts. of central Oregon.

Scouler's Catchfly: Silene scouleri ssp. scouleri (Synonyms: Silene grandis, Silene pacifica, Silene scoueri ssp. grandis, Silene scouleri var. pacifica, Silene scouleri var. scouleri) - Native. Flowers greenish-white to purplish. petal blades 4-8 mm long and bilobed with irregulary toothed tips to nearly equally 4-lobed. Calyx abundantly glandular-hairy. Found across eastern Washington and south to the Blue and Wallowa Mts. of northeastern Oregon.

Seely's Catchfly, Seely's Silene: Silene seeleyi (Synonym: Anotites seelyi) - Native. Flowers purplish. The petal blades are 2-3 mm long and bilobed to about 1/2 its length. Plants glandular-hairy. Endemic to the Wenatchee Mts. of Kittitas and Chelan Counties in central Washington.

Spalding's Campion, Spalding's Silene: Silene spaldingii - Native. Flowers white. The petal blades are up to 2 mm long with entire margins. Found from the Wallowa Mts of NE Oregon north to Spokane County, WA.

Cascade Catchfly: Silene suksdorfii -

Bladder Campion: Silene vulgaris (Synonym: Silene cucubalus, Silene inflata, Silene latifolia var. pubescens) - Weedy species. White flowers. The petal blades are deeply bilobed. The calyx is mostly glabrous, except for a few hairs.

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