[Wildflowers with Five Petals East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

The Pink Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington


Ballhead Sandwort: Arenaria congesta

Ballhead Sandwort: Arenaria congesta

Partial Listing of Members of the Pink Family Found East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington:

Common Corncockle, Corn Campion: Agrostemma githago (Synonym: Lychnis githago) -

Sandworts: The Genera Arenaria and Eremogone -

Mouse-ears and Chickweeds: The Genus Cerastium -

Deptford Pink, Grass Pink: Dianthus armeria ssp. armeria -

Baby's-breath, Baby's Breath: Gypsophila paniculata (Synonym: Gypsophila paniculata var. paniculata) - Found near Bend, OR and Klamath Falls, OR.

Jagged Chickweed: Holosteum umbellatum -

Sage-like Loeflingia, Spreading-leaved Loeflingia, Spreading Pygmyleaf, California Loeflingia: Loeflingia squarrosa (Synonyms: Loeflingia squarrosa ssp. artemisiarum, Loeflingia squarrosa ssp. artemisiarum) - Near Hines, OR

Sandworts: The Genus Minuartia -

Sandworts: The Genus Moehringia -

Sticky Chickweed, Sticky Starwort, Tuber Starwort: Pseudostellaria jamesiana (Synonyms: Alsine glutinosa, Alsine jamesiana, Alsine jamesii, Arenaria jamesiana, Stellaria jamesiana) -

Pearlwort: The Genus Sagina -

The Soapweeds: The Genus Saponaria -

Annual Knawel, German Knotgrass, German Knotwort: Scleranthus annuus ssp. annuus (Synonym: Scleranthus annuus) -

The Silenes: The Genus Silene -

Corn Spurry, Spergula , Stickwort: Spergula arvensis (Synonyms: Spergula arvense, Spergula arvense ssp. arvensis, Spergula arvense var. arvensis, Spergula arvense var. sativa, Spergula sativa)-

Sand Spurry: The Genus Spergularia -

Chickweeds: The Genus Stellaria -

Cowcockle, Cow Soapwort: Vaccaria hispanica (Synonyms: Saponaria vaccaria, Vaccaria pyramidata, Vaccaria segetalis, Vaccaria vulgaris) -

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