[The Borage Family East of the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington]

Stickseeds and Tickseeds East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Hackelia

Flower of Diffuse Stickseed: Hackelia diffusa var. cottonii

Diffuse Stickseed: Hackelia diffusa var. cottonii

California Stickseed: Hackelia californica - Flowers white. Corolla limb 7-12 mm wide. Plants found from 4000-7000' along the east slope of the Cascade Mts, from Black Butte south to Plumas 'Coundty, California.

Okanogan Stickseed: Hackelia ciliata - Flowers blue, sometimes fading to pink. All leaves less than 1 cm wide. Plants of central and northern Washington.

Gray Stickweed: Hackelia cinerea - Flowers white, sometimes washed with blue. Plants of central Washington and east to central Idaho and northwestern Montana.

Cronquist's Stickseed: Hackelia cronquistii (H. patens var. semiglabra) - Flowers white, marked with blue.

Cusick's Stickseed, Cusick's Tickseed: Hackelia cusickii - Flowers blue. Corolla limbs 5-12 mm wide. Stems appressed hairy. Plants of Crook and Harney Counties of Oregon south to California.

Nodding Stickseed: Hackelia deflexa - Flowers blue or white. Corolla limb only 1.5-3 mm wide. Plants from Canada south into Idaho & Washington.

Sagebrush Stickseed: Hackelia diffusa var. arida (Synonyms: Hackelia arida, Lappula arida) - Flowers white. Corolla limb 6-12 mm wide. Plants of central Washington.

Cotton's Stickseed, Creamy Stickseed: Hackelia diffusa var. cottonii -

Branching Stickseed, Diffuse Stickseed, Spreading Stickseed: Hackelia diffusa var. diffusa (Synonym: Hackelia saxatilis) - Flowers blue or white. Corolla limb 7-12 mm wide. Plants of the Columbia River, from near Multnomah Falls east to Blalock Canyon and irregularly north along the river to British Columbia.

Many-flowered Stickseed, Many-flowered Tickweed, Biennial Florget-me-not - Hackelia floribunda - Flowers blue, the corollas 4-7 mm wide. Plants with one to a few stems and basal leaves withering by flowering time.

Rough Stickseed, Rough Tickweed, Sagebrush Stickseed, Showy Stickseed: Hackelia hispida var. hispida - Flowers white, often washed with yellow or green. Corolla limb 4-5 mm wide.Plants of the Snake River Canyon of Idaho, Oregon and southeastern Washington and Grand Coulee.

Blue Stickseed, Jessica Sticktight, Jessica Stickseed, Jessica's Tickweed, Meadow Forget-me-not: Hackelia micrantha (Synonyms: Hackelia jessicae, Lappula micrantha) - Flowers blue, the corollas 5-11 mm wide. Plants with 3 to many stems and basal leaves present at flowering time.

Pink Stickseed: Hackelia mundula -

Owyhee Forget-me-not, Three Forks Stickseed: Hackelia ophiobia -

Pale Forget-me-not, Spreading Stickseed: Hackelia patens var. patens (Synonyms: Hackelia diffusa var. coerulescens, Lappula redowskii var. coerulescens) - Flowers white with blue markings and fringed apendages in the corolla throat. Stems with dense, tightly appressed hairs pointing down at the base and upwards on the upper stem.

Lesser Showy Stickseed, Showy Stickseed: Hackelia venusta - Flowers white. Corolla limb 13-20 mm wide. Plants of Chelan County, Washington.

Paul Slichter