[The Mustard Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Bittercress, Springbeauties and Toothworts East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Cardamine

Large Mountain Bittercress: Cardamine cordifolia var. lyallii

Large Mountain Bittercress: Cardamine cordifolia var. lyallii

Coast Bittercress, Brewer's Bittercress: Cardamine breweri (Synonyms: Cardamine breweri var. breweri, Cardamine breweri var. orbiculata) - Perennial. Leaves with broad terminal lobes and several smaller lateral lobes.

Heart-leaved Bittercress, Large Mountain Bittercress, Lyall's Bittercress: Cardamine cordifolia var. lyallii (Synonyms: Cardamine cordifolia, Cardamine lyallii) - Perennial. Leaves simple with orbicular to ovate blades with heart-shaped bases.

Woodland Bittercress, Wavy Bittercress: Cardamine flexuosa (Synonyms: Cardamine flexuosa ssp. debilis, Cardamine flexuosa var. debilis, Cardamine hirsuta ssp. flexuosa, Cardamine scutata, Cardamine scutata ssp. flexuosa)

European Bittercress, Hairy Bittercress: Cardamine hirsuta -

Nuttall's Toothwort, Oaks Toothwort, Palmate Toothwort, Slender Toothwort: Cardamine nuttallii var. nuttallii (Synonyms: Cardamine nuttallii var. covilleana, Cardamine nuttallii var. dissecta, Cardamine pulcherrima, Cardamine pulcherrima var. pulcherrima, Cardamine pulcherrima var. tenella, Dentaria tenella, Dentaria tenella var. pulcherrima, Dentaria tenella var. quercetorum, Dentaria tenella var. tenella) -

Western Bittercress: Cardamine occidentalis (Synonyms: Cardamine neglecta, Cardamine pratensis ssp. occidentalis) -

Little Western Bittercress, Few-seeded Bittercress, Siberian Bittercress, Slender Toothwort, Spring Beauty, Umbellate Bittercress: Cardamine oligosperma var. oligosperma (Synonyms: Cardamine oligosperma var. kamtschatica, Cardamine umbellata) - Annual to biennial. Leaves pinnatifid with broader ternimal lobe and numerous rounded, lateral lobes.

Pennsylvania Bittercress, Quaker Bittercress: Cardamine pennsylvanica (Synonyms: Cardamine flexuosa ssp. pensylvanica, Cardamine hirsuta var. pensylvanica, Cardamine pennsylvanica, Cardamine pensylvanica var. brittoniana) - Perennial. Leaves pinnatifid with broader terminal lobe and numerous narrow, linear lateral lobes.

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