[Pacific Northwest Arthropods]

Pacific Northwest Millipedes

Small garden millipede (Allajulus londenensis ?) from Gresham, OR.....Sept. 18, 1994.

Millipedes are a type of arthropod having long, worm-like, armored and jointed bodies. They are similar to centipedes, but have two pairs of legs per body segment instead of the one pair of legs per body segement that the centipedes have. The external skeleton is fairly firm and crunchy because it is impregnated with calcium. Millipedes like dark places, and tend to be nocturnal or active in deep shade. They are slow to move, with each pair of legs moving forward, then the next segments' legs moving forward, etc.... The effect is that leg movement seems to be in waves.

Millipedes are vegetarians and scavengers. many excrete a pungent, protective odor as a means of self-defense. They also coil tightly like a watch spring when threatened.

Yellow and Black Forest Millipede, Yellow-spotted Millipede, Almond-scented Millipede, Cyanide Millipede: Haraphe haydeniana

Small Garden Millipede

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