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Nathaniel Wu

Is This a Case of Genetic Discrimination?

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Gene Testing (WebMD)

Huntington's Disease: Healthopedia.com

Huntington's Disease- A Disease of Mind & Body

Genetic Testing For Huntington's Disease- A Guide for Families

American with Disabilities Act (ADA): A Guide for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment

Americans with Disabilities ActQuestions and Answers

Researchers Identify Neurologic Problem Associated with Motor Disorders in Huntington's Disease

Caring for People with Huntington's Disease

Patients learn how to go on with their lives after
being diagnosed with Huntington's Disease.

White House Signs Bill Banning Genetic Discrimination

Consequences of genetic discrimination too serious to ignore

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Protecting Genetic Privacy

Bioethics: The Privacy of Genetic Information

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Links About Huntington's Disease & Genetic Discrmination:

1.  Huntington's Disease  General information about Huntington's Disease.

2.  Huntington's Disease  Information about living with Huntington's Disease.

3.  Huntington's Disease  Going for the cure of Huntington's Disease.

Facts about Genetic Discrimination

Genetic testing policies must stress informed consent

Biotechnology Industry Stand About Privatization of Genetic Information

New gene tests provide fresh grounds for discrimination

Fears about Genetic Discrimination.

United Nations Stand on Genetics

More fears about Genetic Discrimination

Genetic Discrimination in the Military NPR

Workers fear genetic discrimination from bosses.

Curb Bias Against Mutant-Gene Carriers

Locking the sick out in the cold.