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Background Info for the Osmosis in Potato Cells Inquiry

Write a paragraph to a page of information about diffusion and osmosis that includes the following: (In other words, tell me what these mean, but write it like a report, rather than a list of definitions!)

a) diffusion, osmosis, semipermeable membrane, equilibrium

b) You should explain why or how diffusion or osmosis occurs a) when a cell has more water than its surroundings & b) when a cell has less water than its surroundings!.

c) Why is osmosis & diffusion important?

d) You can use simple diagrams that you draw to show how diffusion works!

*e) Tell me what you think is going to happen to water movement in each beaker of liquid. Will there be more water outside or inside the cells? Which way will water move in each of the liquids or drinks?

Sources of Information:

Your Notes!

Read pages 67-68 in the green "Lion" book in the classroom.

Read pages 99-102 in the blue "Elephant" book in the classroom.

Websites about diffusion & osmosis