[Analysis of Data]


Reporting proper units is every bit as important as reporting the correct value. As an example, when reporting water temperature, there is a big difference between 10 F and 10 C. The former is below freezing and the latter is roughly 42 F.

Most of the chemical tests will be presented in the units of mg/L. It is also important to specify the chemical constituent you collected data on.

Some Common Units for Water Pollution Tests:

Dissolved Oxygen: mg/L DO

Nitrate Nitrogen: mg/L NO3

Ammonia Nitrogen: mg/L NH3

Chlorine: mg/L Cl2

Alkalinity: mg/L CaCO3

Phosphorus: mg/L PO4

Units of Other Tests:

Turbidity: NTU

Dissolved Oxygen- Percent Saturation: % DO


Courtesy of the Student Watershed Research Project.