[Writing an Inquiry]

Planning b (Written Procedure)


(a) All appropriate apparatus/ materials, chemicals, supplies, organisms, etc are clearly listed.


(b) If performed previous to the experiment, any initial attemps to plan a procedure (and related data) can be written to establish a rationale for your procedure!

(c) The procedure is written in list (outline) form. Steps are numbered.

(d) The design of the experiment is complete and clearly outlined and allows for the collection of sufficient relevant data/ excludes collection of irrelevant data. 3 trials for each point is a bare minimum. 5 would be better. Collection of data to plot at least 3 points is needed, but more is even better!

(e) The reason for each step in the procedure is complete or clearly outlined.

(f) The use of all materials, supplies, etc. are stated clearly in the steps.

(g) The design minimizes potential variables (See variables to keep constant in planning a)!

(h) Labelled diagrams may be used in conjunction with the written procedure to clarify complex instructions.

(i) Includes details of data collection and analysis (replication, pre-treatment of materials, controls, sample sizes, methods of measurement, calculations made, statistical tests used, etc.).

[Example #1 of Procedure Write-up]