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Electrification is a new way to clean up pollution in aquifers by placing high voltage electrodes into the aquifer (via a well) in two places about one hundred yards apart. Turning on the electricity sends the electric spark through the water in the aquifer. The high energy of the electricity heats any organic molecules, including pollutants and converts them to safer materials, such as water and air.

Cost: $8 million/ or about $175 extra on the tax bill for 10 years.


1. One of the least expensive cleanup methods ().

2. Nothing needs to be dug up. No buildings need to be destroyed.

3. This method will clean up a 100 yard by 100 yard area in about a week.

4. Relatively safe method--Ways can be devised to prevent electric shock from the ground.



1. Test only in the lab, not in the real world.

2. It may be hard to control where the electric field goes.

3. Long term exposure to electric fields may cause cancer and birth defects.

4. Chance of electrocution.

5. Small amounts of pollution might still be left behind.


Electrification as a method to clean up toxic waste

Electric fields and your health

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Paul Slichter