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Endangered Species

Search Hints: To search for a specific animal, click the search button on Netscape or Internet Explorer. Type the common name of the animal into the search box. Surround the name with quotes if it is several words long. Examples: "Bengal tiger" or Whooping crane". If you don't get results with the full common name, you might try the simple name. Examples: tiger, sloth, dolphin, etc.

If you know the scientific name of the animal, this can be typed for a specific search. Example: "Homo sapien" or "Canis lupus". The first word should be capitalized, while both words need to be correctly spelled for the search to work!

Info on Specific Endangered Species

NWF- Keeping the Wild Alive!

American Museum of Natural History: Expedition-Endangered!

Great site of 25+ endangered animals, endangered habitats, causes of endangerment, etc..

Endangered Species Recovery Programs

If you know the scientific name of the animal, you might find out what's being done to help save it!

Endangered Species Home Page, U.S. Fish & Wildlife

EE Link: Endangered Species

A great starting point for a search for information!

World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Has info on many endangered species

In the Wild: Vanishing

Has info on many endangered species

WWF- Species Information Resources

Some Salmon (& other fish) Resources

The Salmon Page: Page put up by Riverdale School

Endangered Species: The Chinook Salmon

Pacific Salmon Information

Oregon Live: Endangered Fish

For All Things Salmon Recovery

Oregon Live: NW Endangered Fish

Popular Endangered Species Sites

Saving the Black-tailed Prairie Dog

NWF-Help Save Endangered Sea Turtles

Bringing Buffalo Back Homepage

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