[The Sedge Family West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Spikerushes West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Eleocharis



An unidentified spikerush. Can you help identify this spikerush?

Needle Spikerush: Eleocharis acicularis (Synonyms: Eleocharis acicularis var. acicularis, Eleocharis acicularis var. gracilescens, Eleocharis acicularis var. occidentalis, Eleocharis acicularis var. porcata, Eleocharis acicularis var. submersa, Scirpus acicularis)

Delicate Spikerush: Eleocharis bella (Synonym: Eleocharis acicularis var. bella)

Engelmann's Spikerush: Eleocharis engelmannii (Synonyms: Eleocharis engelmannii var. monticola, Eleocharis obtusa var. engelmannii)

Blunt Spikerush: Eleocharis obtusa (Synonyms: Eleocharis obtusa var. ellipsoidales, Eleocharis obtusa var. gigantea, Eleocharis obtusa var. jejuna, Eleocharis obtusa var. peasei, Scirpus obtusus)

Ovate Spikerush, Ovoid Spikerush: Eleocharis ovata (Synonyms: Eleocharis obtusa var. ovata, Scirpus ovatus, Scirpus ovatus var. heuseri)

Common Spikerush, Creeping Spikerush: Eleocharis palustris (Synonyms: Eleocharis macrostachya, Eleocharis mamillata, Eleocharis palustris var. major, Eleocharis palustris var. palustris, Eleocharis smallii, Eleocharis uniglumis, Scirpus palustris)

Parish's Spikerush: Eleocharis parishii

Dwarf Spikerush, Little-head Spikerush, Small Spikerush: Eleocharis parvula (Synonyms: Eleocharis parvula var. parvula, Eleocharis pygmaea, Scirpus nanus, Scirpus parvulus)

Few-flowered Spikerush: Eleocharis quinqueflora (Synonyms: Eleocharis fernaldii, Eleocharis pauciflora, Eleocharis pauciflora var. fernaldii, Eleocharis pauciflora var. pauciflora, Eleocharis pauciflora var. suksdorfiana, Eleocharis quinqueflora ssp. fernaldii, Scirpus pauciflorus)

Beaked Spikerush, Walking Sedge: Eleocharis rostellata

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