[The Grass Family West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Melics, Melicgrasses, and Oniongrasses West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Melica



Bearded Melic, Awned Melic: Melica aristata

Oniongrass: Melica bulbosa (Synonyms: Melica bella ssp. intonsa, Melica bella, Melica bulbosa var. bulbosa)

Little Oniongrass: Melica fugax

Geyer's Oniongrass: Melica geyeri var. geyeri

Harford's Melic: Melica harfordii (Synonym: Melica harfordii var. minor)

Smith's Melicgrass: Melica smithii

Purple Oniongrass, Showy Melicgrass: Melica spectabilis (Synonyms: Bromelica spectabilis, Melica bulbosa var. spectabilis)

Alaska Oniongrass: Melica subulata (Synonyms: Bromus subulatus, Melica subulata var. subulata, Melica subulata var. pammelii)

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